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Employment screening is important to both job applicants and employers. Recent surveys of Human Resources professionals revealed 75 percent of businesses – 3 out of 4 – conduct criminal background checks and verifications of employment and education as part of their employment screening process. Why use To find out ahead of time what a background report may show AND to help get your application noticed!


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Employers who want to view Background Check Reports of Applicants may do so AT NO COST with after applicants provide them with their e-mail and access codes.

If an employer wishes to use to conduct background checks and verifications on prospective employees, vendors, contractors, or students, use the  on the Contact Us page for more information on our pricing. 

  • For Employer pricing contact through the on the Contact Us page. 


Applicants may quickly, easily, and securely verify their education, past employment, credentials, and clean criminal histories for potential employers after they provide employers with their e-mail and access codes.

Applicants may conduct reference verifications and criminal background checks on themselves by choosing from list of available services below to customize their own personal searches. For more information, contact through the  on the Contact Us page.

  • Detailed descriptions of the available services can be found at the Service Definitions page.
  • NOTE: If you wish to place an order with, you must use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer Version 9.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox Version 17.0 and above, or Google Chrome Version 23.0 and above. Windows XP users CANNOT use Internet Explorer to place an order.


Applicants may verify their past employment and salary histories, educational degrees, credentials, and licensing FOR LIFE using's Reference Verification Services ONLY ONCE. 

  • Education Verifications: $18.00 per verification
  • Employment Verifications: $18.00 per verification
  • Professional License/Credentials Verification: $18.00 per verification


Applicants may choose only the services they need from a variety of Criminal Background Check services using the "a la carte" menu below to verify their clear criminal histories. Each service is described in greater detail on the order page after registration.  KEEP IN MIND THAT BECAUSE PUBLIC RECORDS BECOME STALE, THESE SERVICES ARE ONLY DISPLAYED FOR 90 DAYS.

  • County Criminal Court Search: $16.00 per county, per name (Court fees added before checkout)
  • Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Search: $12.00 (Additional fees from states added before checkout) 
  • National Multi-jurisdictional Database Criminal Search: $15.00
  • State Sex Offender Registry Search: $12.00
  • County Civil Court Search (Upper Court): $22.00 per county, per name  (Court fees added before checkout)
  • Federal Civil Court Search: $16.00 per jurisdiction 
  • Federal Criminal Search: $16.00 per jurisdiction 
  • Statewide Criminal Search (where available): $16.00 (State surcharge fees added before checkout)
  • Terrorist List Search: $12.00
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG): $18.00
  • Social Security Number (SSN) trace $12.00 (Employers Only)*
*This type of information is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). does not offer this to consumers in order to prevent phishing. CAN verify the following types of credentials:

  • Employment references from companies in the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia and English-speaking areas of Canada
  • Education, including degrees and diplomas from universities and colleges in the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia and, English-speaking areas of Canada
  • Professional licenses recognized in the United States only issued by US based organizations
  • Certifications from courses completed or exams taken in the United States only (check with to avoid delays)

MyESRcheck is unable to verify all credentials. To avoid unnecessary charges, do not submit the following types of credentials for verification, or contact first. Please contact through the  on the Contact Us page.

The following Certificates are examples of the type of Credentials that CANNOT be Verified:

  • Professional Licenses from non-US organizations
  • Any kind of "Certificate of Good Work" or anything which is similarly subjective
  • Comptia (such as A+)
  • A+® - entry-level personal computer technology
  • Certified Document Imaging Architech™ (CDIA) - Mastery-level document imaging technology
  • 1-Net+™ - base-level Internet technologies
  • Network+™ - networking technologies
  • 1-Net+™ - base-level Internet technologies
  • Server+™ - PC hardware issues
  • Linux+™ - vendor-neutral Linux knowledge
  • IT Project+™
  • e-Bix+™



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